Stedge shelf black 60cm


Stedge is all about lightness, purism and clear structure. The subtle design is an optical illusion as the solid shelves appear to hang from a silk thread. The thin construction creates a moment of wonder at how it is possible to hang the shelves on the wall, but the minimal use of necessary parts is employed to generate a stable and functional shelf. The idea behind Stedge was to create a storage area for items on the wall and thus create more free space on the floor. With its light appearance and fine edges, Stedge fits perfectly into any room. Expand the shelving system with more shelves and choose a long or short top wire to make it fit your wall perfectly.

Designed by Leonard Aldenhoff, a young and talented designer born in Germany. his background as a trained industrial mechanic and industrial designer combines know-how, creativity and aesthetics. Inspired by technical and geometric precision, his work shows a design characterized by clear forms and selected materials.

Size short wire L 60 x W 22 x H 77cm
Size long wire L 60 x W 22 x H 120cm
Space between shelves H 40cm
Carrying load per shelf 10 Kg
Screws included Yes
Material Wood, Metal


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