Wood on wood

Wood on wood.. yes or no?

It can be totally wrong to combine different wood tones in one room. Many people either don't risk it or don't think about it beforehand and resent the result afterwards.

Here are three tips you should pay attention to when combining different types of wood:

house made of wood

#1 - Choose a dominant wood type

By this we mean, choose a type of wood that is the predominant color. So go for as much wood as possible in a similar shade. It doesn't matter if this is the kitchen, a large dining table, the floor, or even your walls. Smaller accessories and furniture in a different hue can be used in addition.

houten keuken met houten vloer

#2 - The undertone

Each type of wood has different color tones, for example, some types of wood have warm undertones and some types have cool undertones. To create a serene and appropriate whole, choose an undertone from the same family.

houten stoel op houten vloer

#3 - Play with contrast

If you like a little more contrast then you can also look for the extremes. For example, combine a dark table with a light oak wooden floor. It does not look similar at all and therefore they match very well together.

Our opinion: wood on wood is absolutely NOT a no go. In fact. If you know how to combine wood species perfectly you will get the most harmonious, warm atmosphere in your home!

Pictures: Erik Lefvander, Divulgação

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