Kristina Dam

Desk Sculptures


A four-piece set of four small accessory objects that you can use to decorate your home. Reposition the Desk Sculptures regularly in your interior - a source of endless decoration inspiration. Desk Sculptures consists of a round paperweight in stoneware, a triangular bookend in marble, a wooden cone and a bow in brass.

You can use the Desk Sculptures one by one or choose to display them all together - a small collection and stillben of sculptures in different materials. The Desk Sculptures are beautiful, simple and even functional - for example, use the terracotta sphere as a paperweight and the marble square as a bookend. Use these beautiful desk objects as your weekday office meditation or use them to create an ever-changing stillben in your living room. The Desk Sculptures come in a beautiful cardboard box where each object is carefully encased in foam inside the box.

Size Terracotta Sphere Ø 12cm
Size Oak Cone Ø 7 x H 16cm
Size Marble Bookend W 2 x L 12 x H 20cm
Size Brass Bow W 3 x L 20 x H 10cm
Material Solid Oak, Brass, Terracotta, Tiger skin Marble


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