The Olphactory

Scented candle Cosy Santal


The Olphactory's scented candles are made of vegetable wax and have a minimalist look. In terms of appearance, they fit perfectly into a modern interior. Apart from the design, the scented candles are of course mainly about the fragrance. Each fragrance of The Olphactory has its own unique characteristics.

The scented candle Cosy is a lovely, warm and mysterious fragrance with the following properties - Base notes: cardamom, cumin, spices - Heart notes: sandalwood, musk - Top notes: vanilla & amber.

Take time for yourself and enjoy the essential oils of this candle.

Available in the same fragrance line: room spray and fragrance sticks.

Size Ø 8 x H 9,8cm
Quantity of wax 200g
Country of Origin Spain
Burning time 40 hours


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