Noa Heem

Egg cup / tea light Travertin


Handmade egg cup/ tea light holder in the color Travertine.

This item has two diverse functions and for true minimalists this is ideal! One moment you can use it as an egg cup and the next moment you can use it as an atmospheric tea light holder.

Each object is handmade, using eco friendly stone powder and hardener. During the process, we add specific color pigments to create a unique pattern. After curing, we polish the objects for a refined finish.

Because the items are handmade, each item has its own unique look and can never be replicated identically due to the organic nature of the blending process. Therefore, the item may always differ from the photo.

Available in the following styles: Travertin, Kuro and Olive.

Size Ø 5,4 x H 3,6cm
Material Eco friendly stone powder and high quality hardener


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